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Corner cover “ΜΑΘΗΤΙΚΟΙ ΧΡΟΝΟΙ / ΔΕΚΑΠΕΝΘΗΜΕΡΟΣ ΕΚΔΟΣΙΣ / ΓΡAΦΕΙΑ: ΒΟΡΕΟΥ 7 / ΤΗΛ. 35.954 - ΑΘΗΝΑΙ”, (magazine “Student Times”, Fifteenth - Day publication), franked with 1.20 Δρχ. Union of Cyprus commemorative stamp + Ionian Islands Earthquake issue stamp, (damaged due to cover rough opening), tied with Athens machine postmark “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ - ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ* -6 XII 54”, plus Rural Service postmark, “303* 9 XII 54”, Mouzakion postmark. “ΜΟΥΖΑΚΙΟΝ* -8 ΔΕΚ 54”, and partial stamped Karditsa postmark.Cover faults, (part of flap missing) due to cover rough opening.
Included contents: Printed lettersheet of National Education & Religion Ministry, dated 07.05.1954 and printed lettersheet of magazine, dated 10.11.1954 and handstamped with violet relative administrative cachet and signed from the Principal Chr. Mproumides.

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Greece, Athens, Karditsa, 1954, Corner cover [ΜΑΘΗΤΙΚΟΙ ΧΡΟΝΟΙ], mailed from Athens to village Drakotrypa (Karditsa), bearing Rural Service postmark No 303, with contents.

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