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Entire folded letter (letterhead INSTITUT HISTORIQUE DE FRANCEW), written in French and signed by a certain Renzi, addressed to A Monsieur Coletti, Ministre de S.M. le Roi de la Grèce (Ιωάννης Κωλέττης), concerning the Diploma of Protective Member for His Majesty the King of Greece. Posted in PARIS (F) 14.AOUT.44, not prepaid, with handwritten accounting markings 24/18=42 and 18/24 deleted, sent to ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 19.ΑΥΓ:1844 (blue, Athens). Red 225 (lepta) to be paid by the recipient, RR & VF

Senders markings: Linear Institut Historiques on obverse and circular INSTITUT HISTORIQUE on reverse, sealing the entire

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France Greece 1844, entire letter of the INSTITUT HISTORIQUE from Paris, addressed to Ioannis Colettis in Athens

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