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Double-ring violet cachet texted ‘ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ / ΠΑΤΡΩΝ’ [Patras Censorship] marking in belt with ‘ΕΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΘΗ’ + no. “3” reader’s stamp centrally [Censored, reader no. 3], on unfranked envelope to Athens.
Sender’s details on flap, covered by the censoring “CONTROL DU CHANGE / ΕΛΕΓΧΟΣ ΣΥΝΑΛΛΑΓΜΑΤΟΣ” head to tail (tete-bêche) printed secure tape (already in use from 1936 to 1941): ‘Ναύτης, Ναυτική Μονάς 652, Ν.Τ.Γ.’ [Sailor, Naval Unit 652, Navy Post Office 30, near Patras].
Opened at top horizontal edge after examination at the local censor office, tied with small double-line violet cachet texted ‘ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ ΠΑΤΡΩΝ’’ [Patras Censorship].
Enclosed letter dated 31/1/1941, written at Patras. Postmarked ‘ΠΑΤΡΑΙ 1 ΦΕΒ 41 / ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ’ [Patras, 1 February 1941] for dispatch to Athens.
Backstamped in transit to Athens, with ‘AΘΗΝΑΙ 4.IΙ.41 ΑΦΙΞΙΣ’ [Athens, Arrival 4 January 1941], and ‘ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΛΕΒΙΔΟΥ 8 5 ΙΙ 41’ [Athens/Levidou 8th Distribution Centre, 5 February 1941] at final destination.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Greece civil censorship; Patras 1.2.41, Peloponnese

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