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Registered large cover franked on front side with vertical strip of 4X5L lithographic issue stamps + 15Drs Landscapes issue (Hellas 479) tied with “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ - ΣΥΣΤΗΜΕΝΑ ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ* 21 III 32” (Athens Registered Abroad) postmark, plus violet 2-line USA Postage due marking “Letter Package / Collect ten cents” and double ring violet handstamp “DUTY FREE - I.L. CUSTOMS. KANSAS CITY” in the belt (button type), also registration label “R / ATHÈNES / 9218”. Backside franked with 2 horizontal pairs of 5L lithographic issue stamps tied with the same as above Athens postmark plus “CHICAGO. ILL. - REGISTRY DIV. * APR / 7 / 1932” and ”OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA. - REGISTERED* APR / 13 / 1932” also 3-line violet handstamp “Transmitted through Kansas City, Mo, / in registered mail / APR 8 1932”. VF and Scarce.

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Greece, USA, 1932, Registered large multifranked cover mailed from Athens to USA, bearing USA Postage due marking and other informative handstamps.

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