A significant number of philatelic lots (mainly of araphin) were stolen on 27.02.2022. They remain posted because they cannot be checked immediately.

Incoming chromo litho picture postcard, “Berlin - Gräfin Potocka - Unbekannter Meister” (Berlin - Countess Potocka - Unknown aritst), edition “Stengel & Co., Dresden 29734”, franked with 10ph. German stamp tied with “BERLIN. W. * 62 * 19.10.05” pmk, also “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ* 11/ΟΚΤ./1905” pmk. Greek text from sender Thrasyvoulos Petimezas afterwards famous politician and professor of Commercial Law at the Athens Law School.

Note 1: Zofia Potocka born at Bursa,Anatolia, Ottoman Empire, family name Clavone (Ukrainian: Софія Костянтинівна Потоцька; 11 January 1760 – 24 November 1822) was a Greek slave courtesan and a Russian agent, later a Polish noblewoman. She was famous in contemporary Europe for her beauty and adventurous life. During the Russo-Turkish War (1787–1792) she was the lover of the Russian commander prince Grigory Potemkin and acted as an agent in Russian service.

Note 2: Thrasyvoulos Petimezas (1874 - 1939) was a Greek politician and professor of Commercial Law at the Athens Law School. He was born in Nafplio and was the son of Georgios Petimezas, politician, judge and scion of the noble family of Petimezas. He studied law and in 1912 was elected full professor of commercial law at the Athens law school, a position he held until his death. He soon developed into one of the greatest figures among the jurists of the time. In 1907, together with Alexandros Papanastasiou and Alexandros Delmouzos, he founded the Sociological Society. He was a member of the 1st and 2nd Revising Parliament (1910 and 1911), legal advisor to the provisional government of Thessaloniki and member of the review committee of commercial and maritime law. In 1918 he was proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Eleftherios Venizelos to represent, among others, on the occasion of the meeting of the National Council of the SFIO in Paris the General Labor Confederation of Piraeus and the Labor Center of Piraeus, as the most suitable to handle the issues that would be discussed and due to the low educational level of the Greek labor representatives compared to their other Western European counterparts. In 1926 he served as Minister of the Interior (and temporarily of Communications) in the government of Georgios Kondylis. He published the works Maritime Law (1929), Commercial Law etc. while he also wrote articles in legal magazines of the time.

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Germany, Greece, 1905, Incoming chromo litho picture postcard, showing countess Zofia Potocka, (1760-1822) of Greek decent, (born at Bursa, Anatolia, Ottoman Empire). Sender Thrasyvoulos Petimezas.

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