A significant number of philatelic lots (mainly of araphin) were stolen on 27.02.2022. They remain posted because they cannot be checked immediately.

Registered airmail cover franked with 600Drs + 100Drs Dodecanese Union stamps + 2000Drs victory issue stamp + 3000Drs overprinted King George II reinstatement issue stamp tied with “THESSALONIKI - RECOMANDES*14 VII 48”pmk also 4 various USA pmks “NEW YORK N.Y. - A.M.F. / 2* JUL / 19 / 1948”, “BOSTON - MASS.* JUL / 19 / 1948”, “A.M.F. BOSTON MASS. - TOUR 3* JUL / 19 / 1948” and “BOSTON, MASS. - BACK BAY ANNEX* JUL / 20 / 1948” and hand stamped with peculiar type Exchange Control cachet, small size “ΗΛΕΓΧΘΗ” (checked) plus hand written signature. On reverse hand stamped with boxed “PAR AVION” cachet and hand written registration number R8601. VF

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Greece, Macedonia, Thessaloniki, 1948, Registered airmail cover posted from Thessaloniki to USA bearing peculiar type Exchange Control cachet.

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