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Incoming cover from Ksar es Souk, Maroc to Sedes Aerodrome, Thessaloniki Greece, franked with 1.75fr. ‘Kasbah de Si Madani el Glaui’ (1933-34) postmarked on ’25.4.38’.
Backstamped on arrival in Greece with half printed double-ring TPO [Traveling Post Office] date-stamp ‘ΕΙΔΟΜΕΝΗ-ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 2.V.38’ (Eidomeni-Thessaloniki), receiving afterwards the 7-line machine wavy postal marking “ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 2 V 38 ΑΦΙΞΙΣ” [Thessaloniki, 2 May 1938, Arrival].
The envelope was stamped in purple by the Exchange Control Office there, texted ‘ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΕΘΝΙΚΟΥ ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΟΣ - ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ [National Currency Protection Service, Thessaloniki] in belt and Bank of Greece logo centrally.
Forwarded to final destination and postmarked “ΑΕΡΟΔΡΟΜΙΟΝ ΣΕΔΕΣ / ΕΠΙΤΑΓΑΙ 3 V 38” [Sedes Airport – Money Orders, 3 May 1938].
Condition: Cover’s reverse side is partly torn; see scans.

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1938 Cover from Ksar es Souk, Maroc to Sedes Aerodrome Greece; Exchange Control marking

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