A significant number of philatelic lots (mainly of araphin) were stolen on 27.02.2022. They remain posted because they cannot be checked immediately.

Incoming Sudan registered letter with 2½pi imprinted stamp added with 2pi½ air mail adhesive (1937) cancelled “PORT SUDAN 14 AUG. 39” [14 August 1939], to Argostoli Cephalonia Greece.
Blue on white British perforated registry label with “R / PORT SUDAN No. 116” is affixed on front along with printed ‘BY AIR MAIL/ PAR AVION’ perforated airmail label in English/French.
Backstamped for arrival in Greece with “ATHINAI 20 VIII 39 POSTE AERIENNE” [Athens Air Mail, 28 August 1939] postmark.
Passed and opened by the Exchange Control Office in Athens; stamped on both sides with violet circular double-ring marking texted “ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ” around the Bank of Greece (incompletely applied) “Seated Athena” motto and “ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ / ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΕΘΝΙΚΟΥ ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΟΣ” text [Bank of Greece / National Currency Protection Service] and around in the outer belt.
Written confirmation by Bank of Greece and Post Office officials (reverse) was applied on the examined envelope that "the found item was indeed re-enclosed within the letter".
Forwarded to final destination and postmarked “ΑΡΓΟΣΤΟΛΙΟΝ 23 ΑΥΓ 39” [Argostolion, Cephalonia Island 23 August 1939].
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1939 Sudan registered letter to Cephalonia Greece passed by Greek Exchange Control

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