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Italian Government bilingual notification in Italian and Greek for the prohibition of changing lands previously destroyed by fire and restored to their agriculture cultivation.
[Forest surface of the islands could not be altered or cleared to be transformed into another crop, and a fine of five Italian francs for each square meter was to be imposed to violators.]
The document was produced by rotary spirit duplicator; dated 28 September (15/28 on Greek text) 1913, is signed by the Italian Eastern Aegean Islands (Dodecanese) Royal Political Commissioner Noris at Rhodes; his 2-line stamp in Italian is replaced by handwritten note ‘Ο Β[ασιλικός] πολιτικός Επίτροπος Νόρις’ in Greek.
Official cachet reading “R. COMMISS PER L'AMMINISTR. DELLE ISOLE DELL' EGEO / RODI" is shown lower on selvage between the two texts.
[The spirit duplicator was used to produce about forty good copies with the next ones gradually becoming paler. Usually, the wax color was purple (mauve) aniline, although other colors were also manufactured.]
Dates: Gregorian Calendar (GC) = Julian Calendar (JC) +13 days.
Condition: Very fine; see scans.

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1913 Aegean Islands Rhodes Italian Occupation Government notification on Forest Protection

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