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Greek naval franchise corner cover printed ‘ΝΑΥΤΙΚΟΝ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΟΝ ΣΩΜΑ’ [(Hellenic) Naval Air Corps], send from Moudros (‘Romano’ airport), Lemnos to relative in Athens. Sender’s ms details in Greek: Νότης Γέροντας, Σημαιοφόρος πιλότος [Ensign pilot Notis Gerontas].
Both sides of cover bear strikes of the Greek unit in blue. The letter passed by the British censor in Lemnos (Mudros), receiving a straight-line boxed cachet ‘CENSORED’ in red.
[The Hellenic Naval Air Corps was established on 12 October 1917 by decree of the Provisional Government of Thessaloniki].
Entered the Greek civil postal stream, and stamped “ΜΟΥΔΡΟΝ – ΛΗΜΝΟΥ 25 ΝΟΕΜ 17”; Backstamped with mc ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 28.ΝΟΕ.17 ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΟΝ [Athens Central PO, 28.11.1917] 10-line wavy machine postmark upon arrival at destination. The large “T” marking in black to collect due postage, was most probably not followed.
Item condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW1 1917 Greece Lemnos Moudros (‘Romano’ airport) ensign pilot letter to Athens

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