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Greek telegram form “Υπόδ. ΣΤ.” (Mod. VI; no printer's details) with message from Greek soldier near Metsovon, Epirus cabled via Athens to relative at Piraeus.
Telegram origin “Εκ ΜΕΤΣΟΒΟΥ” effaced with blue crayon by the Army censor, and replaced by abbreviated “Τ.Τ. 212” [(Greek) Postal Sector 212, C’ Army Corps] on top of the form.
Sender’s instruction informed for his unit’s new address effective that day [19 February 1941].
Censored on arrival in Athens and stamped with Greek “ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ” 20mm marking in violet, in transit to Piraeus. A 3-line marking “ΕΛΗΦΘΗ ΕΞ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ” [Received from Athens] was applied at final destination, followed by d.r. “ΠΕΙΡΑΙΕΥΣ / ΤΗΛ. & ΤΗΛΕΓΡ. ΚΕΝΤΡΟΝ” [Piraeus Telephonic & Telegraphic Office] date-stamp 20 II (20 February).
-- the service handstamp 'Postal Telegraphic Telephonic Office of Old Phaliron'
Condition: Very good; see scans.

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WW2 Greece telegram ex Metsovon Epirus sent from Greek fighter to Piraeus 1941

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