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RARE book entitled ORIENT LINE GUIDE Chapters for Travellers by Sea and by Land edited for the Managers of the Line by W J Loftie. It is a thirth edition, revised, with maps and plans and was published in 1888 by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, London. It covers all details about the ships on the Orient Line which travel from London to Australia, passing Gibraltar, Naples, Germany, Port Said, Greece, the Suez Canal, Cairo, and then on to Australia. It describes the Nature at Sea, seamanship, navigation and weather and then describes the parts of Australia. There are 27 full page plates, 19 maps of individual countries, 18 views of ships and 7 plans of ships (SS Ormuz, Orizaba and Oroya, Orotava and Oruba, Austral, Orient, Cuzco and Lusitania, and Garonne). Many pages of adverts at the back too. A fantastic comprehensive guide to cruise ship travelling in the late 19th century.Sunning to endpapers. Main body of book is clean and firm. 438 pages, 21 x 18 cm.

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Orient Line Guide - 1888

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