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Binding of L’Illustration – 2 volumes - Year 1929 - CompleteA famous weekly publication that marked the history of the French press. Books in good overall condition. Leather bindings in excellent condition... very beautiful edges. Nevertheless, the interior of the bindings has suffered from dampstains that make certain pages stick together. It is possible to peel them apart cleanly with a letter opener but this will certainly slightly affect the condition of the pages without affecting the beauty of this work. The special issues are present (the spring issue (Salon de peinture), the death of Foch, the death of Clemenceau, the home issue, automobile issue, Christmas issue) with their cover (except for the issues about Foch and Clémenceau).Abundantly illustrated including numerous illustrations in colour. Of unusual historical and documentary interest. Many topics covered: Colonies, Far East, China, Amma, Siam, the 3rd Republic, Automobile, Art, Aviation, Mussolini, Lateran Treaty, Ruhr, Populism in Germany, Communism in the USSR, Discussion on the execution of the Treaty of Versailles, Planning of Paris...

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L’Illustration – 2 volumes - Year 1929 - Complete

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