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Incoming airmailed cover from New York to Syros Island, Greece with 2-line ‘par AVION / by AIR MAIL’ blue bilingual airmail label in English/French, coded ‘Form 2978’. Franked with US 1926/27 ‘Map of U.S. and Two Mail Planes’ 10¢ and 20¢ adhesives, cancelled with “NEW YOPK, N.Y. AUG 25 1940” postal mark and killer ‘GPO’.
No postal markings for arrival in Greece; the cover was backstamped with “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 6.IX.40 ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ” [Athens Despatch, 6 September 1940] machine postal marking, added by Metaxas regime slogan reading “ΕΜΠΡΟΣ ΔΙΑ ΤΗΝ 2αν ΤΕΤΡΑΕΤΙΑΝ” [Forward to the second 4-year stage] to be forwarded to Syros Island, where it passed by the the Exchange Control Office there.
Stamped on front with “Seated Athena” violet circular double-ring marking texted “ΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΕΘΝΙΚΟΥ ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΟΣ” [National Currency Protection Service] in the belt around.
Syros’ receiving date stamp incompletely applied.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 US New York airmail cover to Syros Island Greece with Exchange Control marking 1940

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