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Cavalla 1912 (Καβάλα): KAVALA 1 10.11.912 (the Ottoman bilingual Nicolas & Galinos 151/15, its use by the Bulgarians is not reported) gray, on free of charge picture postcard sent to Т. Пазарджикъ (Tatar Pazardjick), possibly UNIQUE & Sup
10th day of Bulgarian Occupation!

Picture Postcard: ΚΑΒΑΛΛΑ / CAVALLA, Chargement de tabac sur bateau, (color, editor Kosmos, 27)

Kavala was liberated from Ottoman rule by the voivods of the Macedonian-Adrianople Corps Mihail Chakov, Peyo Yavorov, Yonko Vaptsarov and Hristo Chernopeev on October 27, 1912 without a single shot. On 31 October 1912, the troops of the Bulgarian Rhodopes detachment under the command of General Stilian Kovachev entered the town.

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Turkey Bulgaria Greece 1912 (Balkan Wars), free of charge postcard sent from KAVALA 1 (Ottoman pmk, Bulgarian Occupation)

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