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Italian two-fold Red Cross flat card [21.9x15.9 cm] to promote the first arrival of Relief Supplies to the population of “Egeo”.
Outer side presents a text reading in Italian ‘EMISSIONE FRANCOBOLLI CROCE ROSA / PRIMO ARRIVO SOCCORSO VIVERI PRO POPOLAZIONE ISOLE ITALIANE DELL’EGEO, RODI 18 FEBBRAIO 1945’ [Red Cross Postage Stamps Issue / First arrival of Relief Supplies to the population of “Egeo” Aegean Islands / Rhodes, 18 February 1945].
Inner side bears framed spaces for 5L and 10L ‘King of Italy visit to the Aegean Islands’ (1929-32) ‘RODI’ adhesives, overprinted in red with a 3-line Red Cross surcharge and 10c premium, postmarked ‘RODI 18.2.45 EGEO’. – The title ‘RODI’ [Rhodes] is shown lower.
[Certain islands remained under the Germans till the end of WW2. With the agreement of the belligerents and Turkey, the ICRC undertook to bring relief to those islands, in small boats.]
Item condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Italy Egeo Red Cross Relief Supplies arrival to the Dodecanese population 1945

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