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Greek Army free military stationery postal card printed ΑΛΛΗΛΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΥ ΣΤΡΑΤΕΥΜΑΤΟΣ [Greek Army correspondence] with message in Greek dated ‘10-4-18 S.P. [Secteur Postal] № 908’ in French, to relative in Athens.
Sender’s ms details in Greek: ‘Αντισυνταγματάρχης Αλέκος Σχοινάς, 4ον Πεζικόν Σύνταγμα, Τ.Τ. 908’ [Lieutenant Colonel, 4th Infantry Regiment, Postal Sector 908] allocated to I Greek Division.
[The division was under command of the XVI British Army Corps with the regiment in reserve at Nigrita town since 2 March 1918; relocated on 29 to Xylotron village, now Agia Paraskevi, SW Serres in west Macedonia, north Greece. On 5 April, the 1st Division took part in an attack and occupied the area from Achinos Lake to the outskirts of Kato Kamila village.]
The card was transmitted to Thessaloniki for examination by the British Salonika Army General HQ; stamped with octagonal Crown sensor marking ‘PASSED BY CENSOR No. 305’ in grey allocated to F.P.O. GX at the Greek Orphanage in Salonika from 16.11.17 to 23.9.18 GC [29.11.17-6.10.18 JC].
Backstamped with the Allied “NO” triangular censor marking (Thessaloniki) and forwarded to Athens.
Entered the Greek civil postal stream, and postmarked with s.r. ‘ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 20 ΑΠΡ.18 (ΑΦΙΞΙΣ)’ [Athens Arrival, 20 April 1918]. Inspected by the Greek censor, receiving the two-line ‘ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ 7’ (Hellenic Censorship office 7) cachet on front plus a single-circle examiner’s marking ‘53’ with blue crayon signature with initials.
Same day ‘ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 20 ΑΠΡ.18 (ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ)’ [Athens Dispatch, 20 April 1918] postmark applied for delivery at final destination.
Condition: Very fine; see scans.

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WW1 Greece Salonika Front, postcard censored Greek Army via British FPO to Athens 1918

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