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Turkish surcharged stamps (2pa/5pa/1pi, issued in 1918) bearing a BOGUS private overprint ‘ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΙΣ’ [Hellenic Administration] with a cross on block of 8 with new values in Greek currency: 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 lepta; 1, 2 drachmae.
[The Turkish stamps were brought from Constantinople to Athens in 1919 by a stamp dealer of Athens, where they were overprinted also by him. They have never reached Rodosto but were sent abroad instead, having been mentioned and advertised as a special issue of war.]
Although Rodosto was occupied on the first day the Greek troops seized Eastern Thrace on 7/20.7.1920, the overprint was already presented a year earlier.
Interesting items.
Condition: Fine albeit with some defects of bottom perforation; see scans.

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1919 Eastern Thrace Rodosto BOGUS overprint on block of 8 Turkey stamps

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