Trilingual stampless French/German/Turkish colour illustrated postcard texted ‘Constantinople, Palais Impérial de Dolma - Bagtché / Kaiserliches Schloss Dolma-Bagtché’ to Athens, Greece, stamped with blue 3-ring cachet reading in French “ESCADRILLE HELLENIQUE No 534 / LE CHEF DE L'ESCADRILLE" [Hellenic Squadron No 534, The Chief of the Squadron].
Sender’s details not shown. Message dated “Κων/πολις 8/4/1919” [Constantinople 8 April 1919] contained greetings to relative in Athens.
Stamped for dispatch with ΣΤΡΑΤ. ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΕΙΑ 920 9 ΑΠΡ 19 [(Hellenic) Army Post Office 920, 9 April 1919 JC] datemark, assigned to the Greek Military Post Office 920 in Constantinople.
No Greek postal or other dated indication of arrival at final destination is shown bedides the small single-ring '52' postman’s mark in Athens that shows the item was delivered at destination.
Dates in Julian calendar [JC].
[After the Armistice of Mudros, concluded on 30 October 1918, the Allies entered Constantinople on 12 November, setting up an Allied military administration. Greece established a Greek Military Mission with a number of army units, a Gendarmerie detachment, a Naval Base with small Navy Hospital, and an Army Post Office.
The 534 Reconnaissance and Light Bombing Squadron was established in early October 1918; based at the Lebet airfield, NW of Thessaloniki, placed under the Eastern French Air Command.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1919 Turkey Constantinople 534 Hellenic Squadron postcard to Greece via Greek APO 920

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