Greek corner cover with sender’s stamped details, franked with pair of 50Dr ‘Meteora’ (Landscapes issue, 1942) adhesives on reverse, cancelled with ‘ΒΟΛΟΣ 3 VI 43’ [Volos, 3 June 1943] date stamp. The 100 dr. total franking, required for domestic surface mail, was in effect from 1 February to 31 July 1943 only, (inflation period 6/13).
Opened at top edge and examined by the Italians in the Mail Censor Office before departure to Athens. Resealed with Italian yellow-brown censor tape printed ‘VERIFICATO PER CENSURA’ [Checked for censorship] in black; tied on both sides with violet three-ring marking ‘COMANDO SUPERIORE F.F.A.A. GRECIA’ [Superior (Italian) Command Armed Forces in Greece] in belt around Italian/Greek texts ‘VERIFICATO PER CENSURA – ΘΕΩΡΗΘΕΝ ΥΠΟ ΤΗΣ ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΊΑΣ’ [Checked for censorship – Examined by censor] at centre.
Postmarked mc ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 16 VI 43 ΑΦΙΞΙΣ [Athens 16 June 1943], and s.l. ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 17 VI 43 ΑΜΠΕΛΟΚΗΠΟΙ 6 [Athens - Ampelokipoi Annex 6, 17 June 1943] at final destination.
Condition: Good to very good; see scans.

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WW2 Italian occupation Greece Volos censored corner cover to Athens 1943

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