Greek pre-war domestic postal stationery card with message dated “15.11.1942”, airmailed from Athens to Thessaloniki.
The 25 dr. total franking for domestic surface mail, was required from 1 November 1942 to 31 January 1943 only (inflation period 5/13). This is formed with 2 Dr. design of the ‘Battle of Salamis’ (pr. Β. ΠΑΠΑΧΡΥΣΑΝΘΟΥ, 1940) overprinted in red with ‘DR. 7’ new value (1941) on the stamp plus regular adhesives 2dr. same design + 6dr ‘Alexander the Great at Battle of Issus’ (Historical issue, 1937) + 10dr ‘Acheloos –Katochi on Aspropotamos River’ (Landscapes issue, 1942-44) stamps.
For the airmail domestic rates, no relative laws or other regulation are seemingly found at first (September 1942) until April 1943, although airpost stamps had been issued. One of them, a 2dr ‘Boreas’ [North Wind symbolic design, 1942) is shown used on postcard.
The stamps are postmarked with d.r. ‘ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΠΛΑΤΕΙΑ ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑΤΟΣ 16 ΧI 42 ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ’ [Athens Constitution Square - Dispatch, 16 November 1942] date stamp.
Examined by the Italians in the Athens Mail Censor Office; the card bears a double-ring cachet ‘UFFICIO CENSURA POSTALE – ATENE’ office’s (front) with boxed ‘VERIFICATO PER CENSURA’ marking on reverse (text) side and the ‘9/Gre’ fractional single-ring examiner’s number in violet (front).
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Greece Italian occupation Greece Athens censored inflation postcard to Thessaloniki 1942

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