Cover from Messini, Peloponnese to Piraeus with pair of 50L ‘Diagoras, Olympic Games winner’ and 3x2Dr. design of the ‘Battle of Salamis’ adhesives (pre-war historical issue, 1937), cancelled ΜΕΣΣΗΝΗ 11.ΙΙ.42 [Messini 11 February 1942]. The 7dr total franking, required for surface domestic mail, was in effect from 8 January to 14 May 1942 (inflation period 2/13).
Enclosed letter written at Messini in Greek with text dated ’10.2.1942’. Interesting text shows difficulties at the time with intrerruped communcation, not accepting correspondence, and disappearance of almost all goods –even, bread.
Not postmarked on arrival at Piraeus; only number ‘42’ black handstamp in circle was applied instead by the delivering postman.
Condition: Good albeit roughly opened; see scans.

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WW2 Greece Italian occupation inland mail from Messini to Athens 1942

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