GREECE Military Free Frank Cover sent from 924 ΣΤΡΑΤ. ΤΑΧ. ΓΡΑΦΕΙΟΝ 16 ΜΑΡ. 49 (Army Post Office 924) to Nikea, Piraeus. Manuscript Ελογοκριθη (censored) on top left corner on the front, and ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΙΚΗ ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ 9/6 (Military Censorship) circular handstamp in violet on the back. Large military unit handstamp on the back, unfortunately not well struck. Very fine NIKAIA 21 III 49 arrival postmark. Clean, Fine-Very Fine.

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Civil War Era GREECE 1949 Censored Frank Free Military Cover Mailed from Army Post Office 924 to Nikea, Piraeus, Fine-Very Fine

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