Greece Mourning Cover sent frank free from Edessa (ΕΔΕΣΣΑ 23 IV 49) to a military doctor, director of the military hospital 432 serviced by Army Post Office 905. Large violet ??? ΚΕΝΤΡΟΝ ΑΝΑΡΡΩΝΤ?? ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ (Recovery Center) handstamp on the front. Manuscript notice of the doctor having being transferred to military hospital 422, serviced by APO 902. Same message applied in rose red on tape. On the back there are two APO cancels one reading ΣΤΡΑΤ. ΤΑΧ. ΓΡΑΦΕΙΟΝ 2? IV 49 (most likely the arrival of APO 902, the original destination of the cover) and then a very fine ΒΑΣ.ΣΤΡΑΤ.ΤΑΧ.ΓΡΑΦΕΙΟΝ 905 2 V 1949 arrival of the re-directed item. Nice usage.

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Civil War Era GREECE 1949 Free Frank Military Mourning Cover from Edessa to Army Post Office 905 Re-directed to APO 902, Fine-Very Fine

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