Greece Postcard (200dr Postal Stationery Card used as regular postcard) to a political prisoner (Partheni, Leros Island Internment Camp) franked with a single each 30L Folk Art and 1.50dr Hellenic Civilization stamp tied by weakly printed Athinai 28 VI 68 Omonia cancel. ΛΕΡΟΣ 1? VII 68 cancel in black on the back. Message was censored and has a double strike of the large circular ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΙΣ ΧΩΡ/ΚΗΣ ΦΡΟΥΡΑΣ ΣΤΡΑΤΟΠΕΔΟΥ ΛΕΡΟΥ - ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ with the Coat of Arms in the middle.

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GREECE August 1968 Censored Postcard to a Political Prisoner (Partheni, Leros Internment Camp) from Athens, Very Fine

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