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Original postcard showing "Τhe road from Kütahya to Eskişehir, texted below: “Από Κιουτάχειαν εις Εσκή Σεχήρ. / De Kioutahia a Eski Sehir” [Ancient Greek: Δορύλαιον]; Printed on reverse: “Carte postale /Αποκλειστικοί εκδόται: Αλέπαντος & Κότσιφας-Αθήναι, Σταδίου 59” (Εκ της επισήμου πολεμικής εκθέσεως)” [Sole editors: Alepantos and Kotsifas, Athens; Post card (From the official War Exhibition)].
The editors published a series of postcards with events captured during the Greek campaign in Asia Minor (1919-1922), and shown at the ‘First War Exhibition of the Asia Minor Army’.
[This derived from the Greek Ministry’s of War decision in 1921, to place young painters participating in the campaign as war reporters along with photographers authorized by the Asia Minor Army Command and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow the campaign.
The work of three painters as well as numerous large photographs from the front was used for the exhibition, opened at the Zappeion Exhbition Hall in Athens, probably in the spring of 1922.]
The exhibition was later transferred to Smyrna but, with the front collapsed in September 1922, the paintings and drawings were abandoned and destroyed at the dock of the burnt city.
Condition: Light bend sign on top left corner edge, otherwise excellent condition; see scans.

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1922 Greece ‘First War Exhibition of the Asia Minor Army’ unused postcard Turkey

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