Greek black & white picture postcard (“Corfou. La Citadelle / editeur Hanos frères, Corfou”) with message addressed to Findley, Ohio USA, written on November 10, 1910: We had our Thanksgiving dinner at the island of Corfou. We leave for Trieste tomorrow. The mountains along the coast are capped with snow and look pretty. We went through the famous Corinthian Canal on our way here.
Sender’s details not completed on his message; only the vessel’s name is written: ‘U.S.S. Scorpion’ at bottom horizontal edge.
The card was dispatched via New York one month later; a duplex postal mark ties the 1c ‘Benjamin Franklin’ (1907) adhesive to send the card at the concession rate, cancelled with “NEW YORK N.Y., HUDSON TE.., DEC 10” 1910 dated postmark applied simultaneously with the oval shaped obliteration marker to its right side.
[Redesignated ‘PY-3’ in 1920, when the U.S. Navy instituted its alphanumeric hull classification system. Moved to Phaleron Bay, Greece in November 1923, when assumed duties as station ship in the eastern Mediterranean. On 16 June 1927, she departed the Mediterranean returning to the U.S].
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1910 Greece Corfou b/w postcard from USS Scorpion gunboat to Findley, Ohio USA

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