Greek/English bilingual B&W illustrated postcard ['1069-7. Θεσσαλονίκη, Ολύμπιον Μέγαρον Μεσογείου – Thessaloniki, Mediterranean Palace’; ed. Κατάστημα Φιλ. Φίλιππα, Εγνατία 108, Θεσσαλονίκη (Phil. Philippas Establishment, Egnatia Str. 108, Thessaloniki)]; airmailed to Marseile, France with single-line ‘VIA AIR MAIL’ unframed red hand stamp marking.
Sender’s message dated 28 October 1947, shows that the cruiser was then anchored at Thessaloniki, scheduled to leave next day for another Greek port. This was cruiser’s first visit to Greece.
Franked with US 1c ‘George Washington’ + 10c ‘John Tyler’ (Presidential issue, 1938) + 2x2c ‘Allied Nations -Allegory of Victory’ (1943) ‘ adhesives, cancelled with a duplex steel handstamp unit applied partly with dated postmark “U.S.S. MANCHESTER (CL-83) / NOV 6 1947” and a 4-bar obliteration marker to the right side with no location.
[USS Manchester (CL-83) light cruiser of the United States Navy, was ordered to the Mediterranean in April 1947 for lending visible support to the Truman Doctrine of 12 March 1947 (25 June to 30 November 1947). She completed two more deployments in the area, with the 6th Fleet (9 February to 26 June 1948, and 3 January to 4 Marh 1949).]
Condition: Very good; see scans.

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1947 Greece Thessaloniki postcard from USS Manchester (CL-83) light cruiser airmailed to Marseile France

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