Naval cover to North Westport/Massachusetts, USA, franked with US 2c ‘George Washington’ adhesive (1926-34) at military concession rate. No sender’s details shown on cover.
Duplex steel handstamp unit applied in black with dated postmark “USS REID JAN 27 1937” and 3-bar obliteration marker with location of the cancel “PIRAEUS GREECE” applied in-between to the right side over the postage stamp.
Items stamped on the destroyer’s arrival day are seen.
[During her shakedown cruise in January 1937, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Reid III (DD-369) visited Bizerte, Tunisia from 20 to 25 January, when she headed for Greece, arriving at Piraeus two days later (27 January). She departed on 1 February for Palermo, Sicily)].
Geographic coordinates of Piraeus Port (Lat. 37.95° N, Long. 23.60° E) endorsed with pencil. One-line unframed handstamp “FEB 11 1937” applied at top left corner, probably for receipt at final destination.
No postal or other marks applied.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1937 Greece Piraeus envelope from USS Reid (DD-369) destroyer to North Westport USA

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