Greece Cover franked with a King George II dr single, a pair of the 7dr Mythological Airmail and a pair of 50L Postal Tax (Charity) stamps, all tied by circular ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟΝ ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ 26 V 37 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in blue and ATHINAI 26 V 37 POSTE AERIENNE in black on the back. Cover was opened and inspected, then sealed with CONTROLE DU CHANGE ΕΛΕΓΧΟΣ ΣΥΝΑΛΛΑΓΜΑΤΟΣ tape, tied on front and back by ATHINAI 27 V 37 POSTE AERIENNE postmarks, and censor's manuscript initials in crayon. Additional ΥΣΕ in circle Exchange Control Mark handstamp on the front. Clean, unusual, and Very Fine.

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GREECE 1937 Foreign Ministry Airmail Cover from Athens to London, England with Exchange Control Tape & Mark, Charity Stamps, VF

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