Cover sent from France to Greece. Destinataire not know, back to sender at wrong adresse. Certainly expeditor renseign a change adress at France post office for letters follow, new adress write at back of cover.

Dep . : Tournon-sur-Rhône 21/07/1992 17h Ardèche (07 - France) with flam of city view

Arr. : KAMAPAI 10/09/1992, Greek return cachet

French pen mention "retour à l'envoyeur" (back to sender)

At back :

* Exp. adress pen cancel (at Tournon-sur-Rhône) see mark 1 on scan

* New adress write at back (see mark 2 on scan) for Caluire (69 - France)

Missing a part of letter (maybe re-open damage by sender).

Stamp : Yvert & Tellier n°2760 - 1992 - Olympic stamp Albertville/Barcelona. Same stamp is produce in Spain at same date (45 pesetas)

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Cover France to Greece, back to sender

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