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Kingdom of Italy postal stationery card with message to Athens, Greece via Corfu, ms endorsed ‘Per aereo / Via Roma; franked with 30c. King Victor Emmanuel III imprint and coat of arms at centre (1941), plus additional 25c regular and 2x50c airpost ISOLE JONIE overprinted adhesives.
Message written at Argostolion on 9 February 1943.
Dispatched via Corfu to Rome, Italy, and postmarked on arrival ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ (ΑΦΙΞΙΣ) 19.ΙΟΥΛ.43 (Corfu Arrival, 19 July 1943).
Passed by censor in Rome and stamped with ‘UFFICIO CENSURA POSTA ESTERA I’ cachet in black plus the fractional ‘337/I’ single ring examiner’s number in violet.
No postal or other dated indication of dispatch by air to Athens is shown.
[The Ionian Islands were part of Greece. During WW2, they were occupied in April/May 1941 by Italian troops, who remained in the area until 12 September 1943, when the islands passed under German domination following Italy's armistice of 8 September 1943.]
Interesting item. Very good condition; see scans.

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WW2 Italy Ionian Islands Cephalonia ISOLE JONIE postcard to Athens Greece 1943

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