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Open cover from Sami town, east coast of Cephalonia Island to Athens, franked with 50c Victor-Emmanuele III Italian regular stamp (1929-30) overprinted ISOLE JONIE (1941), cancelled with ‘ΣΑΜΗ 25 VII 43’ [Sami 25 July 1943] datestamp.
Postmarked at Argostolion with ‘ΑΡΓΟΣΤΟΛΙΟΝ 29.ΙΟΥΛ.43’ (29 July 1943) datestamp in transit to Corfu Island, where it had been inspected and resealed with local resealing tape printed “VERIFICATO PER CENSURA”, tied on both sides with the small single-circle “2” reader’s number in violet.
Examined by the Italians in transit and stamped with the small single-circle “2” reader’s number in violet.
Opened and censored on departure;
[After Axis forces occupied Greece in 1941, the Ionian Islands (except Kythera) were handed over to the Italians, and the Greek civil authorities were replaced by Italians in preparation for a post-war annexation; also, special postage stamps were issued. In September 1943, the Germans replaced the Italians.]
Condition: Very good; see scans.

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WW2 Italy-held Isole Jonie Cephalonia Sami censored cover to Athens Greece 1943

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