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Commercial cover airmailed EXPRÈS from Athens, Greece to Dresden, Germany with Hellenic Post perforated blue “ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ - PAR AVION” and rose “EXPRÈS” labels; franked with two strips of five 200dr. ‘Mount Athos – Pantokrator Monastery’ (Landscapes issue, 1942) adhesives on reverse, cancelled for despatch with ‘ΑΘΗΝΑΙ (ΣΥΣΤΗΜΕΝΑ) – 9 ΔΕΚ. 43’ [Athens Registered, 9 December 1943] date stamp. Total franking: 2000 dr.: 1000 dr. required for letter domestic mail plus 1000 dr. for international air express mail rate that were in effect from 10 November 1943 to 14 March 1944 only (inflation period 8/13).
Postmarked also on reverse for departure ‘POSTE AERIENNE 9 XII 43’ [Athens Air Post, 9 December 1943].
Dispatched by air to Vienna, where it was opened and examined by the international letter inspection military service “g”, authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States. The following markings were applied during the procedure: pencil/stamp examiners’ numbers “751/IV/3” (front) and “1224” (reverse), while an “OKW / GEÖFFNET (g)” machine stamp in red was applied tying the plain brown re-sealing tape.
Addressee’s “Eingegangen um 20 Dez. 43” (received on Dec. 20, 1943) marking applied on front side.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 German occupied Greece Athens EXPRÈS airmailed cover censored Germany 1943

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