GREECE 1932 Registered Airmail Corner Cover from Athens franked with a single Arcadi 8dr and ten 10L Landscapes and Monuments stamps, all tied by ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ 23 II 32 ΣΥΣΤΗΜ. ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ datestamps. Blue Airmail Label on the front as well as Athens Registration Label no. 472. Also boxed PAR AVION JUSQU'A handstamp in black with manuscript Salonique indicating the cover was to be flown to Salonica and then surface mail to Paris. On the front as well is the violet ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΑΦΙΞΙΣ with biplane (airmail arrival handstamp of Salonica). Οn the back there is a Salonica ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 24.ΙΙ.32 ΑΦΙΞΙΣ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ as well as a couple of French datestamps including a Paris 27.II.32 arrival and a VII/16 in circle mailman's handstamp. Very interesting and fine item.r

Sender: P.J.Drossos

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GREECE 1932 Registered Airmail Corner Cover Athens to Paris, FRANCE Via Salonica with Special Biplane Arrival Mark

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