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Unfranked black+white illustrated postcard titled in German ‘Moschee der tanzenden Derwische zu Eskischehir’ [Dancing dervishes mosque at Eskischehir] to Athens, Greece, from a Greek soldier with the Hellenic C’ Army Corps Headquarters at Eskischehir in Turkey (areas under Greek administration, 1919-22). Sender’s details (in Greek) on reverse: ‘‘Π. Τριαντάφυλλος, Γ’ Σ.Σ., Τ.Τ. 905” [C’ Army Corps, Postal Sector 905].
Message in Greek, dated 1 November 1921.
Unit officer's "ελογοκρίθη" manuscript censure certification not signed.
Postmarked for despatch with “ΤΑΧ. ΤΟΜΕΥΣ 905 / 2 ΝΟΕ 1921” [(Greek) Army Post Office 905, 2 November 1921] s.l. military date-stamp, allotted to C’ Army Corps.
Item condition: Very good; see scans.

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1921 Turkey Eskischehir postcard to Athens Greece via the Greek Army PO 905

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