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Unfranked cover to Bombay (now, Mumbai) India, ms endorsed “O.A.S.” (On active service) and “Air Mail”, from military served in Greece with the 5th Indian Infantry Brigade (4th Division) at Verroia, NW Greece. No sender’s details.
Postmarked with Indian ‘F.P.O. № 24 14 SEP. 45’ datestamp, allotted to the brigade; carried to the Indian F.P.O. 17 sorting post office at Piraeus (Athens port), receiving its postmark on the same day.
Directed by air to India and backstamped “BOMBAY G.P.O. DELY. [25] SEP. 45 [WINDOW]” on arrival at final destination.
[FPO 24 was moved from Taranto in late February 1945 via Athens to NW Greece. With the redeployment of the British forces early in March 1945, the Indian Brigade with its FPO 24 established at Verroia. It started operating there on 5 April 1945 and closed on 27 December 1945, known by E. Proud (1985) as the ‘last day of use’.]
Item condition: Fine; see scans.

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1945 Cover postmarked with Indian Army FPO 24 Verroia Greece to Bombay India

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