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Greek postcard (Salonique – La tour Blanche; ed. ‘M.Z.’) ms endorsed ‘F M’ [Franchise Militaire] with message written on 14/1/1916, postmarked next day with TRESOR ET POSTES 508 15.1.16 (stationed at Samli-Thessaloniki).
Addressed to a sergeant in 133 Regiment at Belley, Ain department in eastern France, it was stamped BELLEY 26.1.16 upon arrival at destination; postmark lightly stricken on outgoing Tresor et Postes dispatch marking. Addressee was not found, and the card had been redirected at least three times to trace him in different army units.
Condition: Good, this old wartime item in used condition has some small age stains but otherwise is in very good shape; see scans.

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WW1 Greece Salonika Front French Army Post 508 cover to France 1916

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