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German brown colour illustrated military postcard printed ‘Kanatlarci (Macedonien)’, a village in the municipality of Prilep, now in North Macedonia, published by the „Bahnhof und Feldbuchhandel Gesellschaft m.b.H., Berlin S.14“ [Railway station and field book trade society m.b.H., Berlin S.14, Serial number: 522]).
The postcard was collected directly (spoil of war!) by a Greek sergeant of the 3rd Hellenic Infantry Division entering Prilep in Serbia, and sent to Patras/Peloponnese, Greece.
Sender ms details in Greek: ‘Λοχίας Ι. Λειβαδίτης, ΙΙΙ Πολυβολ. 12 Συν/τος, Τ.Τ. 915’ [sergeant, III Artillery Battery / 12 Regiment, Postal Sector (APO) 915].
In his message dated 11 September 1918, he informed the recipient: “I am writing to you from Perlepes [Greek for Prilep], where we are just now entering at, and are still persecuting the Bulgarians. I'll write you in detail later.”
[The Greek unit was stationed at Prilep-Rabotovo-Brod area in Serbia [now in North Macedonia] from 11 to 17 September 1918. The 3rd Hellenic Infantry Division entered German-occupied South Serbia, participating in the allied general offence since 4 September 1918 under the command of the 11th French Colonial Division. Following the truce signed in Thessaloniki on 16 September 1918 for the Bulgarian Theatre of Operations, the division advanced north up to Pirot area (25.10.1918). On 16 December 1918, it commenced returning to Greece; the last troop arrived at Langada area north of Thessaloniki on 18 January 1919.]
Postmarked on dispatch with black ΣΤΡΑΤ. ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΕΙΑ 915 15.ΣΕΠΤ.18 [(Greek) Army Post Office 915, 15 September 1918, JC], assigned to that Division.
Dates in Julian Calendar.
Condition: Good to very good. Minor corner / edge wear.
Interesting item though; see scans.

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WW1 Serbia Prilep [Perlepes] 12 Greek Artillery Reg. Bat. occupation postcard to Greece 1918

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