Cover affixed pair 1600 Dr (commemorative issue) and 1300 + 1000 Dr (definitive issue) stamps canc. "ΑΘΗΝΑΙ - ΠΛΑΤ. ΣΥΝ/ΤΟΣ * -4Χ I 51" pmk (erroneous inverted N) also t Exchange Control tape. On reverse violet boxed Exchange Control cachet, type with capital letter Γ and Postman marking No 12.

This kind of Athens boxed Exchange Control cachet exists in five varieties, respectively with capital letters A, B, Γ, Δ, and Ε. (see scans).

Sender of the above letter, the famous collector "Alex. A. Kotopoulis" (cartes maximum).

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Greece, Athens, 1951, Cover mailed from Athens Constitution Square Post Office (erroneous pmk) to USA bearing Athens Exchange Control cachet with capital letter Γ.

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