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German 15pf. (A. Hitler) stationery postcard plus 10 pfennig same design added regular adhesive (for airpost surcharge), cancelled with BERLIN GRÜNEWALD 2 12.6.43 date-stamp. Total franking: 25pf. required for postcard international air mail to Greece. A German Post ‘MIT LUFTPOST / PAR AVION’ airmail label with white German/French boxed text on blue was affixed relatively.
Dispatched to Vienna, where it was passed by the international letter inspection military service “g”, authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States, receiving the green “053012” office registry number plus a chemical censor brush line in blue-grey. Examiners’ stamped numbers “754”, “6074” and “6961” are also shown. After the card was released, it was stamped with the 7-line machine ‘OKW geprüft’ machine stamp in red.
Forwarded to Greece, where it was examined by the Italians in the Athens Mail Censor Office; the card bears the fractional ‘24/Gre’ single ring examiner’s number on both sides and also a boxed ‘VERIFICATO PER CENSURA’ marking with ‘UFFICIO CENSURA POSTALE – ATENE’ office’s double-ring cachet on back in violet.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Italian occupation Greece Athens, postcard from Germany censored in both countries 1943

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