Open cover addressed from Nicosia to Postmaster Pergamos village on the island, north of Pyla, under the control of Northern Cyprus. Franked with Cyprus Republic 10m ‘Apollo bronze head’ adhesive (definitive issue, 1962), cancelled with Nicosia #5 commemorative “star” handstamp type inscribed “KIBRIS TÜRK POSTALARḻ” [Turkish Cypriot Postal Services] with large coarse lettering, bar under I (star) of POSTALARI, and star (replacing date) almost touching inner circle, while the outer circle rarely appears complete impression.
Thirteen types of handstamps (5 ‘date’ plus 8 ‘star’) are recorded so far. They look rather alike in all areas but are distinguishable by the imperfections that identified the places where each of them was made at.
[The postal services commenced on 6 January 1964. Post Offices opened at Nicosia and the Turkish sectors of Famagusta, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Kyrenia and Lefke. Generally, 1962-64 Cyprus Republic ordinary adhesive stamps are met with Cyprus Turkish Post handstamps as no Turkish Administration stamps were issued at that time.]
Rare on cover.
Condition: Excellent; probably philatelic. See scans.

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1964 CYPRUS Nicosia cover postmarked “KIBRIS TÜRK POSTALARI (star)” to Pergamos

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