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Unfranked cover to Greek civilian in Smyrna from a sergeant with the 31st Hellenic Infantry Regiment, 7th Coy operating in Bulantan Sector, Turkey till 27/5/1922 (within the Smyrna and greater area in the country’s Aegean region under Greek administration, 1919-22). Sender’s details (in Greek) on flap: ‘‘Νικόλαος Σ. Νικητάκης 31ον Πεζικόν Σύνταγμα, 7ος Λόχος, Τ.Τ. 902” [Postal Sector 902]; formerly 1st Rear Regiment, redesignated on 19/1/1921.
Unit officer's "ελογοκρίθη" manuscript censure certification signed on reverse side.
Not postmarked with military date-stamp on despatch. Forwarded to Smyrna central PO, where the cover passed by the censor, and received single circled ‘6’ examiner’s handstamp on front side.
Backstamped with mc ΣΜΥΡΝΗ 26.ΜΑΙ.22 (ΑΦΙΞΙΣ) [Smyrna civil PO, 26 May 1922] on arrival at destination.
All dates in Julian calendar.
Item condition: Very good; although flap was opened roughly; see scans.

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1922 Turkey Greek occupation Eski Sehir APO 919 military cover to Smyrna Asia Minor

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