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Unfranked cover to Greek civilian in Athens, Greece from a soldier serving in the Seventh Hellenic Division Telegraph Detachment at Eyret, East of Oushak in Turkey (within the Smyrna and greater area in the country’s Aegean region under Greek administration, 1919-22).
Sender’s details (in Greek) on flap: “Γεώργιος Παπαδημητρίου, VII [Μεραρχία], Απόσπασμα Τηλεγραφητών, Τ.Τ. 904” [Postal Sector 904].
Enclosed letter, dated 25 April 1922, includes comment on civilian’s request to look for a spoil and inform him accordingly but the soldier replied he needed to know more details about.
Addressee is Miss Nefeli Despotopoulou, known along with her two sisters Georgia and Ioanna for having kept correspondence with Greek enlisted men in all fronts from 1912 (Balkan Wars) to 1923 (shortly after the expedition to Turkey).
Inspected prior despatch to Greece; stamped and signed for clearance with violet oblong double framed stamp texted “ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΙΚΗ ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ VII ΜΕΡΑΡΧΙΑΣ” [VII Division’s Hellenic Military Censure], assigned to the 7th Division at Eyret (8 April to 19 June 1922).
Postmarked on despatch with “ΤΑΧ. ΤΟΜΕΥΣ 904, 26 APR. 22” Army Post Office 904 military date-stamp, not recorded.
Backstamped with mc “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 3.ΜΑΙ.22 ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΟΝ” [Athens Central Civil PO, 3 May 1922] on arrival at destination.
All dates in Julian calendar.
Item condition: Very good; although flap was opened roughly; see scans.

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1922 Turkey Greek occupation Eyret APO 904 military cover to Athens Greece

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