OFLAG XB (Nienburg/Weser, Germany) POW postcard sender’s half (German/French text with camp designation printed on reverse) from Greek army officer housed in the camp to Greece. Message dated 13/4/44.
Month distribution "04" and dispatch date "14.April 1944" handstamps applied at camp in red.
Forwarded to Vienna, where it was inspected by the international letter inspection military service “g”, authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States. The entry registration number “012170” plus pencil/stamp examiners’ numbers “602/1/V”, “138”, “6358”, and “1580” were applied during the procedure.
When released, the card was stamped with the “Oberkommando der Wehrmacht / Geprüft” 7-line machine stamp in red.
Greek officers are rarely found in German POW camps.
Item condition: Very good; see scans.

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WW2 Germany Nienburg OFLAG XB Greek POW officer postcard to Greece 1944

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