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Posthorn (τρομπετάκι) "3" [of Neapolis] 11.9.1912 tying a 5λ large ΕΛΛΑΣ on picture postcard written at "εν Φουρνή τη 11 Σεμ.1912" (Phourni) & ΝΕΑΠΟΛΙΣ 11.ΣΕΠΤ.1912 (Neapolis), sent to Λαύρειον (Lavrion, Greece), RRRR on postcard & VF+

A second post horn numbered 3 was used by a rural postman at Neapolis of Lasithi, while the rural route 3 of Alikianos (department of Chania) still operated. It is recorded only during the last year of the Cretan State (1912) as well as the first years of the Hellenic Administration (1913-1915)
Catalogue price on single stamps: €140.-

Picture postcard:
ΡΟΓΔΙΑ [οι κάτοικοι του χωριού] / ROGDIA At... (editor Behaeddin, 159 -5933)

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Crete 1912, picture postcard sent from rural route 3 on 5λ large ΕΛΛΑΣ, to Lavrion Greece

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