Greek black & white illustrated postcard [“ΑΘΗΝΑΙ” (Athens) JUNGERS JU-24 airplane type, registered SX-ACA] issued by the Hellenic Air Communications Company with the airline’s title printed on reverse “ΕΛΛ. ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ ΕΝΑΕΡΙΩΝ ΣΥΓΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΩΝ Α.Ε.” (Hellenic Air Communications Company S.A.), franked with 25lepta ‘Simon Petras Monastery (Mount Athos)’ pair + 20lepta ‘Macedonian costume’ (Landscapes I issue, 1927) + 80lepta ‘Hermes with Arcas, infant’ (Lithographic issue, 1913/1927), cancelled ΙΩΑΝΝΙΝΑ 12 ΝΟΕ 31 [Ioannina 12 November 1931]. Postcard addressed to Mr. M. Cambanis, Director Aero Espresso Italiana.
Total franking: 1.50 drachmae; 1dr. required for domestic surface postcard mail (in effect from 30 April 1930 to 30 April 1932) plus 50l, provided for the airmail tax on the route between Athens and Ioannina.
Handstruck framed oblong ‘ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ /PAR AVION’ [By airplane] airmail cachet applied in violet along with the official commemorative marking –in the form of an airplane–used for the first mail flown from Ioannina to Athens, inscribed in Greek “Inauguration of Air communication IOANNINA – ATHENS / 1931”.
Backstamped on arrival in Athens with the special biplane incoming local cachet texted ‘ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΑΦΙΞΙΣ’ [Arrival by air] in violet, and postmarked ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΑΦΙΞΙΣ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ 12.XI.31 [Athens Arrival by Air, 12 Nov. 1931].
Condition: Fine. Interesting postcard; see scans.

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1931 Greece Inauguration of Ioannina-Athens EEES service, cachet on Company’s postcard

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