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Cover from Livanates town of Fthiotida in central Greece to Athens, franked with 2x2 Dr. ‘Design of the Battle of Salamis’ + 50 L ‘Chairing Diagoras of Rhodes’ (Historical issue, 1937). Total franking applied: 4.50 Dr. (50 lepta overrated as the letter town to town domestic surface mail required was 4 drachmae, in effect from 20 September 1941 to 7 January 1942 (inflation period 1/13).
Sender’s details on flap; Lieutenant Colonel, retired. Enclosed letter in Greek, written on 22 October 1941; references are given for the bridge destroyed at Moulki causing considerable delay or the impossibility to carry over 5 kilos of wheat.
Adhesives cancelled at Atalanti PO on same day (ΑΤΑΛΑΝΤΗ 22 ΟΚΤ 41). No censor markings or other indications are shown.
Postmarked on arrival in Athens –date not clear; the single-circle handstamp numbered “39” was applied by the delivering postman.
Condition: Very good; see scans.

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WW2 Italian occupation Greece Locrida Province Livanates to Athens 1941

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