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German private stationery commercial cover watermarked “MÜNCHENER / RÜCKVERSICHERUNGS / GESELLSCHAFT [Munich Reinsurance Company Munich] with same text violet framed stamp “delivered by”. Applied 25pf. plus 10 pfennig ‘Hitler’ regular adhesives are cancelled with the “MÜNCHEN HAUPTSTADT DER BEWEGUNG” [Munich – Metropolis of the Movement] 17.8.43 propaganda date-stamp.
Total franking: 35pf. required for letter international air mail. A German Post ‘MIT LUFTPOST / PAR AVION’ perforated airmail label with white German/French boxed text on blue was affixed relatively.
Dispatched to Vienna, where it was opened and inspected by the international letter inspection military service “g”, authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States, receiving stamp/pencil examiners’ numbers “6310” (front) and “510”, plus “7557” (reverse), while the “OKW / GEÖFFNET (g)” machine stamp in red was applied tying the plain brown re-sealing tape.
Sent to final destination, where it was back-stamped by the Athens Mail Censor Office with its ‘UFFICIO CENSURA POSTALE – ATENE’ double-ring cachet in violet.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Italian occupation Greece Athens, watermarked cover from Germany censored in both countries 1943

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