Greek pre-war regular postal stationery cover with 3Dr head of King George II and 50L Social Providence (Heads of Queens Olga and Sophia) imprinted stamps (1939) overprinted in 1942/43 with dark brown ‘TTT’ [PTT] ornament annulling them and new increased rate value ‘ΔΡ. 10 (10dr) in large numerals. The cover is franked also with added pair of 25Dr ‘Hydra’ (Landscapes issue, 1942) adhesives. Total franking: 60 dr.; overrated, instead of 50 Dr. required for international surface mail that was in effect from 1 September to 31 October 1942.
Item’s origin on flap is ‘Lechaina’, a town in western Peloponnese; addressed to a Greek worker at ‘Schoeller-Bleckmann Stahlwerke A.G. ('Schoeller-Bleckmann Steel Works), Mürzzuschlag Steiermark, Ostmark [Austria] Deutschland’. Sender missed to write also ‘Kolonie 39’ to complete addressee’s details.
Postmarked for departure with ‘ΛΕΧΑΙΝΑ 9 ΣΕΠ 42’ [Lechaina, 9 September 1942] lightly pressed date stamp.
Dispatched to Vienna, where it was opened and examined by the international letter inspection military service “g”, authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States. The following markings were applied during the procedure: the six-figure entry registration number in green “201112” and pencil/stamp examiners’ numbers “676/5”, “6768” (front), “1515”, and “287” (reverse), while a “OKW / GEÖFFNET (g)” stamp in red was applied along the plain brown re-sealing tape.
Condition: Good; right edge reduced when the receiver opened the envelope. See scans.

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WW2 Italian occ. Greece Lechaina cover censored only in Germany Austria 1942

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